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Rethink Sports And Eye Safety

OVER 100,000 SPORTS-RELATED eye injuries happen every year. Most won’t do permanent damage, but many of these injuries can have a major impact on your vision, and consequently, your life.

We feel it is so important for all of our patients to protect their eyes, no matter the sport they’re playing.

Protective Eyewear Isn’t What It Used To Be

In the past, protective eyewear could be annoying. You may have found it bulky or inconvenient. However, new technology has made today’s options much sleeker. There’s really no excuse anymore NOT to protect your eyes.

How To Protect Your Eyes While Playing Sports


We recommend wearing sports eye guards while playing basketball. You never know when you will get an elbow to the face or an opposing player may accidentally stick you in the eye trying to go for the block.


If you have ever been hit by a baseball pitch you know that it hurts. Now imagine that force hitting you square in the eye! We recommend wearing a face guard that can attach to the helmet. If you can’t find one of these, at least wear the proper eye goggles.


From being slammed against the wall to teeth being knocked out by a hockey puck, it’s no surprise that we recommend full face guards for hockey.

Racquet Sports

Sports like racquet ball or tennis can be pretty unpredictable. Proper eye wear is crucial when playing these sports.

Let Us Help You Find ExactlyThe Right Type Of Eye Gear

Finding the right type of eye wear is so important! We recommend looking for eye wear that is made out of polycarbonate material. Whether you need a special prescription or not, contact us today so that we can help you find the best eye guards for your sport.

Thanks for trusting your vision to us. We appreciate having you as our patient.


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