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Half Of Glasses Bought Online Fail Rx Or Safety Specifications

A GOOD PAIR OF glasses can feel like a big expense… Especially when there are online options that appear to provide everything easily and cheap. But there’s a clear value difference between getting your glasses online and getting them from our eye care practice.

A 50/50 Shot Isn’t Worth The Risk

In a survey conducted by the American Optometric Association, it was found that up to HALF of the glasses ordered online are faulty—either in prescription or safety specifications. You can read more about the study by clicking on the image below:

You May Not Think About It Often, But Safety Is Especially Important

When we’re considering new glasses, most of us think about two things—the prescription and the style. But safety and impact-resistance should also be a very important consideration. This is especially important for parents with reportedly 1 in 4 children’s glasses purchased online failing impact resistance tests. A child’s rambunctious lifestyle is more likely to test the shatter-resistance of those lenses.

You Deserve The Reassurance Of Our Professional Support

Glasses that you buy online don’t have the professional backing that glasses provided by our practice have. Our job is to help you see your best, and all of our resources are aimed at giving you the best eye health and the best sight possible. That means that when you get your glasses from our Vision Source practice, you typically receive:

  • a 2-year warrantee on most frames to protect against scratches and breaks
  • in-office fitting to ensure that your glasses are effective and comfortable
  • a 90-day unconditional exchange guarantee
  • the highest quality products and the best match for YOUR eyes

This video wasn’t created by our practice, but it helps answer the questions about purchasing glasses online:

A good pair of glasses serve you for a long time. Be sure that yours are exactly what you want and need.

Thanks for being our valued patient and friend. We appreciate you.

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