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Protecting Your Vision From Computer Technology

MODERN LIFE IS FULL OF VARIOUS SCREENS and protecting your eyes from their potential damaging effects is easy—if you’re aware! Because your eye health is our top priority we want to be sure you understand how extended computer use each day can affect your eyesight and what you can do to help deter any ill effects.

The Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

If you work at a computer all day you may be experiencing occasional blurry vision and eye strain. Sometimes it becomes apparent through headaches and/or eye redness. Some experts believe this is caused, in part, by the fact that our eyes are designed for a 3D world and the visual demands of 2D computer activity are different than most of our other activities.

The following factors seem to play a role in developing CVS:

  • Even after work, many people go home to screens—including their television (and computer games) and personal computers.
  • While watching screens you blink less which contributes to dryness and decreased flexibility.
  • Improper lighting, screen angles, and your body’s position in relation to various screens are key factors.

Tips For Protecting Yourself From CVS

1. “High-Five” Your Computer Screen!

You should be sitting an arms-length away from the screen.

2. Learn And Obey “The 20/20/20 Rule”!

This is super simple and very helpful. Every 20 minutes, focus your eyes on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Use a timer or your smartphone to remind yourself until it becomes a habit!

3. Make Sure You’re Set Up With Proper Angles, Lighting, Posture


(image above courtesy of The Vision Council)
Suggested Steps For Setting Your Screen:

4. Consider A Computer-Specific Eyeglass Prescription

If you wear corrective lenses it may be a good idea to visit with us about the benefits of a “computer-specific” prescription. It could make a huge difference in your comfort.

5. Try To Blink More!

Again, you could set your smartphone alarm to remind you to close your eyes for a few seconds once in a while to keep your eyes moist.

Do You Think YOU Have CVS?

If you have concerns about this, let’s visit. We love talking with you about your eye health. You can leave a comment below, call us, and even leave a message for us on our Facebook page.

Thanks for being our valued patient and friend!


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