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The Differences Between Prescription And Drugstore Reading Glasses

EVER WONDERED what the differences are between prescription glasses and generic reading glasses available at the drugstore? Here are three major differences that are important to consider…

#1: Over-The-Counter Readers Are Specifically For Age-Related Presbyopia

The readers you’ll find in drugstores are designed to compensate for age-related presbyopia. This strikes most people around age 40. The lenses in your eyes become less flexible, making it harder to focus on close objects.

Readers from the drugstore will NOT help with astigmatism, myopia, glaucoma, etc. So if you’re having trouble seeing while driving, for example, you’ll want to set up an appointment with us to determine what the problem really is.

#2: Over-The-Counter Readers Have The Same Prescription In Each Lens

It’s very rare for someone to need the exact same correction for each eye. When we create your prescription glasses, we customize the lenses to each eye. Even if your problem is presbyopia, you may still find yourself struggling to focus with drugstore glasses and may benefit greatly from a more customized option.

#3: Prescription Glasses Have More Options

The quality found in prescription glasses will be higher. The frames will be more durable and the lenses clearer. You also have the option of lenses that are more resistant to scratches or glare. And of course, you’ll have more fashion choices.

Just For Fun

For Many, Generic Reading Glasses Are Handy

Now, having made these three points, we want to point out that if reading glasses from the drugstore are working out fine for you, that’s great! They’re handy for people who only need them occasionally, or for people who wear contacts but would like backup glasses. Over-the-counter readers WON’T hurt your eyes.

BUT, if you’re not seeing as well as you feel you ought to, let us know. We can evaluate your eyes and help you decide what the best option is for you.

Thanks for the trust you place in us!


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