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Choosing The Right Frames For Your Face

OF COURSE! WE ALL KNOW THE FIRST OBJECTIVE for you eyeglasses is to help you see better! But for most people, one of their biggest concerns is how their glasses look on their face. We understand!

Learning how to choose the right frames for your unique features isn’t something we learn in school, right?! So here are some tips…

First, Watch This Video Until The 3:40 Mark

After the first 3 minutes and 40 seconds it’s fine too… It just isn’t about our topic today!

Second, Consider The Rules Of Thumb

Here are two great reasons to start with the rules of thumb when it comes to finding the best shape(s) for your face:

1. The Rules Can Save You Time

As you know, when it comes to eyeglasses there are thousands of styles, shapes and colors. It can be truly overwhelming! By going through the exercise outlined in the video above, you at least start to narrow down your choices which can save you a ton of time and frustration.

2. The Rules Are Usually Right

The rules of thumb outlined in the video above come from LOTS of experimentation and long-standing design sense. Yes, you may be a real maverick—but it doesn’t hurt to start with some tried-and-true principles! According to The Vision Council eyewear should highlight your best features, contrast with the shape of your face, and be the right size.

Third, Experiment With Breaking The Rules!

If the rules just don’t seem to fit for you, break them! Try on some frames that you would have never typically considered. Your initial reaction may be, “No way!” but as you wear them a few minutes they may grow on you. Take a trusted friend with you who will be candid and honest.

We’re Happy To Help You And Share Our Opinions Too!

If you are unsure about what frames look best on you, come in and let’s visit about it! We love talking about this topic and we’re happy to chime in with our opinions and help!

Thanks for trusting your eye care to us. We appreciate you!



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