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Vision Enriches Life

IMAGINE SEEING CLEARLY FOR THE FIRST TIME at age 9. Emma Rose was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia as a child. Although her eyes functioned somewhat, she was legally blind. In fact, she had to hold a paper right up to her nose to see it at all.

Now, thanks to some amazing high-tech glasses from eSight, Emma Rose can see. Her vision is closer to 20/30, as opposed to her previous 20/400. Emma’s mom says that when she first put on the glasses, she focused on the faces of those around her and started to giggle with excitement.

Learn More About Emma Rose’s (and others’) Journey

Check out the video below to catch the wonder of being able to see clearly for the first time in your life.

How Would Your Life Be Different Without Eyesight?

Our eyesight is such an amazing gift! Not only does it allow us to move through the world with confidence, but it also enables us to connect with the people around us and appreciate the beauty around us.

We Want To Issue You A Challenge Today…

As you go about your life today, think about how things would be different without your vision. Would you be able to do the same things? How does vision enrich your life? Please share your thoughts below!

Take Good Care Of Your Eyes

Make sure that you cherish your eyesight. Come in for regular eye exams, keep your prescription updated, and keep reading our blog to learn about everyday tips to keep your eyes healthy and happy.

We appreciate you! Thanks for trusting us to take care of your vision.


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