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3 Important Reasons To Have Your Eyes Checked Regularly

TRY SOMETHING RIGHT NOW… THEN CONTINUE READING THIS POST… Take 15 seconds. Close your eyes and think about how your life would change if you lost your eyesight. Count to 15 while you think about it. Sobering, isn’t it?

“My Eyes Feel Fine. Why Should I Have Them Checked?”

Yes, we understand. It’s the way human beings are wired. We typically don’t think about something until it grabs our attention in some dramatic way. But your eyesight is SO important to the quality of your life—and here are three important reasons why you should take regular check-ups very seriously.

Reason 1: Eye Diseases Can Be Sneaky

Sometimes eye problems can strike quickly. But many times eye disorders have a tendency to creep up on people. The deterioration can be so gradual that you don’t notice a change until it’s really progressed. And eye diseases like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy typically have no symptoms in their early stages—only a thorough eye exam will catch the problem. Vision loss usually can’t be reversed. But, if we catch problems early we can usually prevent vision loss, or at least slow its progress.

Reason 2: We Can Monitor Small Changes

We can monitor the condition of your eyes and track changes that may be happening over time. Your eyes are unique. There isn’t another set exactly like yours on the planet. Noticing what’s changing with them is a lot easier when we know their history and patterns.

Reason 3: Seeing Your Best

Most people with corrective lenses experience needed periodic changes in their prescription. Your eyes change shape and condition over time. Keeping your prescription up-to-date provides subtle, important advantages that you may not think about or consider (some of which are related to your safety) such as being able to see better when you drive at night.

Make Your Eye Health A Priority

That 10-second eye test every decade at the Department of Motor Vehicles isn’t designed to keep your eyesight healthy! Be proactive and protect your vision by setting up regular exams! YOUR EYESIGHT IS TOO IMPORTANT TO LEAVE TO CHANCE.

Do you have a friend, coworker, extended family member or neighbor who could benefit from this information? Eye exams are important for people who don’t already wear corrective lenses too. Please share this post!

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